Design Green 2010

Design Green is an annual competition put on by the Auburn University Industrial Design Department and local IDSA chapter. The purpose of the competition is to get students to think outside the box and use recycled materials to create products within a 24 hour time frame. For the competition the students are allowed to split into teams to design anything they want as long as it is made from re-purposed material.

For this years competition the groups were allowed to use thrift stores, the University Surplus Station, and cardboard sheets were provided.  Also everything had to be made from hand (no laser cutting, drilling, or sawing allowed)

My team and I decided to create a desk lamp.

Another keep aspect of the competition was to present the finished product.  A panel was selected of local professionals and keynote speakers who then voted on a winner who would receive the grand prize….free chick-fil-a breakfast.

and …………………………..we WON!!!!

Materials Used:
– cardboard
– LED flashlight
– computer hard drives
– old cell phone charger
– old computer mouse

Team Members: Travis Lontz, Olivia Dean, Chris Burch, Brent Sparkman, Calvin Morton, Matthew Livaudais


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