My Fiance and I are huge fans of the BBC show Doctor Who, but then again who isn’t.  One of her favorite character’s on the show is River Song whom we are led to believe is the “Doctor’s Wife”, but like all things on the show this fact is very “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” so nothing is for sure. One item that River has is a journal that she got from the doctor at a nondescript point in the future (it is the same notebook she gave him in a previous episode the first time they met).  In this journal is an account of the Doctor’s adventures up until that point.  When the Doctor and River meet up at various moments in the show,  they like to sync their journals to see when they are meeting.

Because my Fiance loves the character and more importantly the book so much I decided to make here one.  I bought some card stock, a empty hard cover sketchbook, some fabric, and of course….so glue.  I use adobe Illustrator to make the patter that i could glue to the card stock.  When that was dry I used a box cutter to cut the pieces that i then glued to the cover of the sketchbook.  I let that dry for awhile before attempting to cover it in fabric because I did not want hte pieces to shift.  Once it dried sufficiently I began the process of coating the sides in glue and applying the fabric to the book.  I worked on one side at a time allowing a drying session in between.  To get the grooves I used a mechanical pencil tip and rubbed it on the fabric until it stretched enough to stay in the grooves.

here is how it turned out…


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