Strike Up The Band

I had the privilege of creating the advertising for the Auburn University Band Department’s yearly summer camps. This included creating the postcards that were first mailed to various high school band programs around the state, as well as the wall posters for the schools, and a magazine add to be placed in the Auburn University alumni magazine.

The Band Department was looking to go in a new direction than the usual collage of pictures taken the previous year.  I viewed this as a chance to not only take the Band Department in a brand new direction graphically, but also as a chance to attract kids who otherwise would not have looked twice at the posters.

To achieve this I knew I needed to go with bold graphic that would stand out on a wall that could be possibly covered by instruments or in a spot that the high school students would run past everyday with out a second glance.  I took my inspiration from looking at minimalist posters that could tell a story without relying on minute details.  This presented a change of “how much detail can I leave out and how much can stay?”  Overall I am pleased with how these have turned out.





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